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About Us

Indonesian Travel Company with a Global Vision

Treepmore™ was founded and created in 2017 to offer everyone across the globe with real-time updates on their travelling needs. Our aim is to cater effectivesness in travel transaction, extravagant after-sales services and all is served simply by CLICKING ON A BUTTON! We seriously assure you of the pay less, trip more!

+Connect™ is the best service to get you connected to internet in your loved destinations. With +Connect, you'll be able to get in touch and gain some real-time updates anytime, everywhere - such as: Snap Your Moment and Share it online, Get your family, loved-ones and bestfriend updated during your trip and other interesting benefits! And of course, companied by fast internet connection up to 200mbps. Get 'em now!

+Kit™ was made to help you pack your trip! We give endless cares toward your lovely moments as we understand "Free-hassle vacation" is something every travelers aim to experience. Hence, with +Kit, we provide everything you need from a wide range of affordable options to support your moments upto travelling tools you hardly get online, for instance; BackPack, Luggage, Small Rice-Cooker, and other helpful things! The good thing is, everything is provided simply by CLICKING ONE BUTTON! Get 'em now!